London Olympic 2012 Delivered

London delivers Olympic games opening ceremony. Watching Beijing ceremony in 2008 and watching opening ceremony in London 2012, Olympic opening  ceremonies will never be the same again.

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Picha: Matukio Baada Ya Meli Iliyokuwa Inaelekea Zanzibar Kuzama Jana

Baadhi ya wananchi wakiwa katika foleni ili kwenda kuzitambua Maiti zao katika viwanja vya Maisara kutokana na kuzama kwa meli ya Skagit hapo jana katika eneo la karibu na kisiwa cha Chumbe, Zanzibar. Hadi mchana huu Maiti zilizopatikana ni 39 kwa mujibu wa Kamanda wa Polisi Zanzibar na bado waokoaji wanaendelea na zoezi hilo katika eneo la tukio

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Classic: Porsche 356


In 1948 a German engineer by the name of Ferdinand Porsche launched the 356. Known to his friends as “Ferry”, the son of Dr Ing Ferdinand Porsche (the founder of the famous marque) was keen to create a sporty model for the fledgling company.

Using Volkswagen’s popular Beetle chassis, Ferry replaced the body with a smoother, racy exterior, designed by Erwin Komenda. The engine and suspension were also derived from the Beetle, pushing out just 40bhp.

Unbeknown to Ferry, the 356 would go on to be one of the most recognisable classic sportscars in history and would eventually give birth to the iconic 911 range.

Despite its glittering history, the car’s launch went by almost unnoticed and only a few models were sold, mainly in Germany and Austria. Just 50 examples would leave the factory over the first two years. But the 356’s popularity then started to gain momentum, selling on both sides of the Atlantic, due to its sporty handling and typically German build quality.

The 356 was also successful on the track, gaining glory at Le Mans, the Mille Miglia and the infamous Carrera Panamericana. Porsche would later celebrate that race by adopting the Carrera name on its 911s.

Over the years, the tiny four-cylinder engine would grow from 1.1 litres and 40bhp to a 130bhp 2.0-litre motor. However, the original flat-four layout would remain throughout its life.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Porsche built a cabrio version from day one, running alongside coupé production. Soft-top sales often accounted for 50 per cent of sales, especially in the US.

The company produced a few special versions of the 356, including the 356 Carrera, which boasted a special race-tuned engine. The company also built a Super 90 and a Speedster model, which are now extremely rare and much sought after by enthusiasts. The Speedster was built following a suggestion by the US importer that a stripped-out version with a cut-down windscreen would sell well on the west coast.

Such was the popularity of the 356 that it ran alongside its 911 replacement for more than a year. By the time production ended in 1965 more than 76,000 had rolled out of the factory. It is thought that around half of these cars still exist today, with fully restored cars fetching up to an incredible $100,000 at auction. Not bad for a car that cost $4,000 when new.

Despite having a tiny engine and a simple layout, the 356 directly brought about one of the world’s most loved sportscars. So the next time you see a 911 GT3 winning its class at Le Mans, just remember it all started with the humble 356.

Video Games Collection Sells On eBay For $1.2million


A French video game collector just sold a collection of thousands of video games on eBay for more than $1.2 million.

The collection includes every video game for many of Nintendo’s consoles, every video game for every single Sega console and also for lesser-known game consoles. In total, the collection includes 22 full sets with about 7,000 video games.

The seller says he took exceptionally good care of his precious games. All are factory-sealed with original boxes and instructions. Many of the games have never been opened or played. He even kept the boxes away from direct sunlight.

The efforts seem to have paid off, as a buyer from Canada has purchased the lot for the asking price of 999,999 euro (around $1.23m) for this jaw-dropping collection.

Bolt May Use Ice Chamber To Aid Speedy Recovery


Usain Bolt is considering using an ice chamber in London to guarantee his fitness for this month’s Olympics amid fears a back injury has derailed his preparations.

The world’s fastest man has flown to Germany to see Dr Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt and has pulled out of his final warm-up race before the Games as he strives to get his body right for the huge challenge of defending his 100 metres and 200m titles against training partner Yohan Blake.

And Sportsmail has learned that Bolt’s camp are in discussions with a British company over the cryotherapy treatment, which aids athletes’ recovery by encasing them in liquid nitrogen at temperatures of -140C.

The 25-year-old is said to be keen on stepping into Britain’s only mobile ice chamber, which the Wales rugby team used this year as they won the Six Nations.

The chamber, supplied by CryolabSports, is secured in a former police van and can be driven to wherever it is needed.

Those using it strip to their underwear and let the cold air chill their body for up to three minutes, during which time the skin temperature drops significantly but the core stays the same. This boosts muscle recovery after exhausting training sessions and triggers the release of endorphins which help pain relief.

Bolt, whose aura of invincibility was punctured by two defeats by 100m world champion Blake at the Jamaican trials last week, could use it right away to help him recover from the injury which has forced him out of the Diamond League meeting in Monaco on Friday week.

He could alternatively decide to wait until he travels to London for the Games and use it between the rounds of his three events – the 100m, 200m and 4x100m.

Mo Farah is likely to use the chamber during the Olympics as he runs for gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m.

He regularly uses one supplied by Nike at his home in Eugene, Oregon, and CryolabSports have offered their services on these shores.

Farah has said: ‘You’re not stiff or anything, your body’s just freezing cold. But you recover right away. The following day – that’s when you feel a lot better.’

His coach Alberto Salazar is a long-time fan. ‘An ice bath may help you recover in terms of flushing something out of your legs,’ he has said. ‘But the way this works, tiredness and soreness everywhere in your body is much less.’

Of his runners he added: ‘You can have them go in after a very hard workout and they’d normally just be completely wiped out. They’d do this and an hour or two later they feel great.’

Newcastle United players including Demba Ba spent time in the chamber at the end of last season and the club has signed up to use it again for the forthcoming year.

Manager Alan Pardew said: ‘We think it’s something different and we know it works.’

Samsung ES9000 75-inch Smart TV


Samsung has just launched its 75-inch (189-cm) ES9000 OLED TV in South Korea with a whopping price of 19.8 Million Won ($17,450).

It is the world’s largest super OLED TV and sports a gorgeous 7.9mm-thick bezel, while its 1GHz dual-core processor allows it to run multiple Smart TV application simultaneously.

The Samsung ES9000 features what the company calls a “Diamond Black Panel” which it claims improves the clearness, contrast and brightness of the display.

“The ES900 is the world’s largest super OLED TV to be produced from a single pane of glass and showcases the ultimate in picture quality by featuring unmatched vivid and true-to-life picture quality in both 2D and 3D,” Samsung said in a press release.

“In comparison to even the best LED TVs, it offers virtually unlimited contrast ratios and near perfect color accuracy through several technological advancements.”

In addition to Samsung’s new 1GHz dual-core chipset, the ES9000 also introduces voice control, facial recognition, as well as an intuitive new gesture control user-interface.