In My Opinion, Obama Has Won The Debate


In the debate held in Denver, USA, President Obama was giving economic plans in details and examples and case studies while Governor Mitt Romney was punching the air with plans that have no details.

In the topic of cutting the deficit, 'in order to reduce the deficit there have to be revenue in addition to cuts', when Mitt Romney was asked whether he still plans to cut 10 percent taxes with 1 percent revenue, he said yes. When he was asked whether he has ruled out the idea of revenue completely, governor Romney said 'absolutely'. then he went on and said by putting more people into jobs who will pay taxes will create revenue. To me that is punching in the air and we have learnt from previous debates when jobs were promised as the catalyst to create revenue but we end up with economy struggling and double digits recession. It is unrealistic and a big risk to take in the current economy climate.

I'm not fully in favour of raising taxes but Mitt Romney's hidden plans to generate revenue with no clear details, will end up burdening the people in other areas especially the middle class families. After the inheritance of the debt from previous government, Mitt Romney has to come up with more detailed plans and show how he will cut the deficit and where the money will come from to generate the revenue. In this round in my opinion, President Obama has won the debate. And by the way, Jim Lehrer was doing great!

For full coverage of the debate, watch the video below: