Coffee With Apple Chief: $610,000

tim cook

An anonymous bidder paid $610,000 in a charity auction for coffee date with  Apple chief Tim  Cook, the organizers said Wednesday. The  Tim Cook auction tied the record for highest winning bid at charity auction site  Charitybuzz, according to a statement from the group and its partner, The Robert  F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights.

The bid tied a record set by a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster auctioned in March 2013 for  $610,000, the statement said.

“We’re truly amazed by the results of Tim Cook’s remarkable donation,” said  Coppy Holzman, Charitybuzz chief executive and founder.

“Sincere thanks goes out to Charitybuzz’s community of socially conscious  bidders here in the US and overseas… we are thrilled to have amassed more than  $1 million this spring for the RFK Center’s powerful work.”

The coffee chat with Cook was limited to two guests, who would be subject to  security screening and be responsible for their own travel and  accommodations.


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