Dubai Hotel To Provide Guests With Gold iPad

gold ipad

Guests staying at the iconic, sail-shaped luxury hotel the Burj Al Arab in Dubai are being given  24-carat gold-plated iPads which will serve as their personal virtual concierge  for the duration of their stay. It’s the  latest in lavish and — and some might say over-the-top —  hotel perks being  launched out of luxury chains looking to raise the bar and seduce the richest  and glitziest hotel guests to walk through their lobby doors.

Every in-house guest is being equipped with the loan of a gold-plated iPad  which they can use to access guest services, restaurant and spa menus, private  dining, butler and housekeeping services.

The gold edition is the second installment in Burj Al Arab’s virtual  concierge service. Last October, the hotel premiered 24-carat pink gold iPads in support of Breast Cancer Awareness  Month.

The gold iPad, created by The Gold & Co. London and embossed with the  hotel logo, will also be available for purchase at the Burj Al Arab’s boutique  shop for a cool 37,490 AED or €7,930.

Other gold-plated products available include the iPad mini, iPhone 5 and the  Blackberry Q10.


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