Mercedes Showcases Google In-car Integration

merc google

At Google I/O, Mercedes-Benz  demonstrates upcoming integration with Google services using an iPhone  connected to its Drive Kit Plus feature in an SL-class. The DigitalDriveStyle app combines powerful Google  search, location and mapping features into a single, safe-to-use-while-driving  service for Mercedes owners.

The system enables a driver to seamlessly integrate their smartphone into the  car’s infotainment architecture and for the device’s apps to be categorized and  displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard screen and to be accessed via console  buttons or through voice commands.

The DigitalDriveStyle app also integrates predictive search into the Google  Places API meaning that as a driver starts to type or dictate a destination, the  software automatically predicts the most likely destination, whether it’s a  street, a shop or restaurant.

By combining Google Street View and Google+ local images, users can also take  360° virtual tours of any intended destination before they set off.

The app also adds ‘heatmaps’ to searched for destinations to highlight areas  with the highest predicted concentrations of people — such as shopping centers  and nightclubs.

Mercedes was the first car company to open a research and development centre  in Silicon Valley — its Palo Alto site opened way back in 1995.

The car company has invested heavily in developing its own apps and services  in-house, and the integration of Google’s services into the latest edition of  DigitalDriveStyle app is a result of the close working relationship the two  companies have formed.

The irony is, however, that all of these innovations will not be coming to  the Android platform. The DigitalDriveStyle app and the Drive Kit Plus — the  combination of hardware and software that enables a smartphone to be integrated  into a Mercedes — only work with the iPhone.

Mercedes Google integration


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