Porsche Design Announce The Gold BlackBerry P’9981

porsche design

A limited edition 24-carat gold version of the Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981 will be launching in June,  BlackBerry has revealed. Just 25 examples  of the gold-plated, leather-bound P’9981 Gold smartphone will ever be created,  and each one carries a solid gold plaque on its rear, engraved with its serial  number and its all-important 2AA prefix code.

This code forms part of the handset’s PIN and informs other BlackBerry users  that they are communicating with a P’9981 owner.

The phone’s chassis is milled from stainless steel before being veneered in  gold. Like previous Porsche-inspired BlackBerrys, the design is much more  angular and minimalist in its appearance than a standard phone, although the  gold aspect is far from minimalist.

Underneath the layers of gold and stainless steel is a BlackBerry Bold 9900  with a 1.2GHz processor and 8GB of RAM (expandable in multiples of 16GB via  microSD slot), which together run BlackBerry’s BB7 operating system.

Making it, in tech terms, inferior to BlackBerry’s current non-gold QWERTY  keyboard flagship the Q10, which boasts a 3.1-inch HD touch screen, a 1.5GHz  dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and comes with the latest, optimized version of  BlackBerry’s operating system, BB10, preinstalled.

The Porsche handset will go on sale for £1,250 ($1,890) directly via the  brand’s website and at assorted Porsche Design boutiques around the  world from June.


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