Who Are The World’s Best Tippers?

restaurant tip

In a worldwide poll that aimed to gauge tipping habits around the globe,  Germans have emerged as the most likely to leave a tip while traveling, while  Italians emerged as the stingiest of tippers. In a TripAdvisor poll of more than 9,000 respondents across  eight countries, 69 percent of German holidaymakers said they always leave a tip  while traveling — out-tipping Americans, for whom tipping is ingrained in the  service culture.

Rounding out the top five nationalities most likely to tip are Americans at  57 percent; Russians, 53 percent, Brazilians at 40 percent, and the French, 39  percent.

Among US respondents, meanwhile, helpful, friendly and polite service at both  restaurants and hotels were cited as the primary reasons that drove Americans to  tip.

The tipping rate also rises among US travelers to 59 percent when staff go  the extra mile.

To educate themselves on the different tipping cultures around the world, the  majority of American travelers said they consult travel guides (73 percent),  online reviews (48 percent), and online forums (46 percent).

Here’s how countries rank when it comes to how often travelers from each  country surveyed said they always tip on vacation:

1. Germans – 69% 2. Americans – 57% 3. Russians – 53% 4.  Brazilians – 40% 5. French – 39% 6. Brits – 39% 7. Spanish – 36% 8. Italians – 23%

Meanwhile, CNTraveler offers a country-by-country guide of tipping etiquette  for everything from hotel staff to restaurants, guides and drivers at http://cntrvlr.com


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