Los Angeles Airport Gets Swanky New Terminal


When the Los Angeles International Airport opens its newly renovated terminal  to the public later this summer, passengers will travel through one of the most  technologically advanced and splashiest airports in North America. During a recent preview of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, 10,000  Angelenos got a taste of the $1.9 billion overhaul which includes interactive  multimedia experiences splashed on giant LCD screens, monumental art  installations, fine dining restaurants helmed by local celebrity chefs like  Michael Voltaggio and Suzanne Goin, and strips of luxury retail shops inspired  by Rodeo Drive.

The new terminal was designed by Fentress Architects, the same firm behind  the multi award-winning Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

Greeting inbound passengers arriving at LAX, for instance, will be a giant  80-foot (25-meter) tall Welcome Wall created to ‘refresh’ tired passengers’  senses with visual displays of flowing cloudscapes and the LA shoreline.

In the Great Hall, a Story Board measuring 120 feet features a variety of  ‘ambient narratives’ including visuals that take passengers on virtual tours  through destination cities, panoramic images of Los Angeles and evocative still  images of nature.

The centerpiece of the terminal, meanwhile, will be the 72-foot (22-meter)  tall digital Time Tower, an interactive motion-sensitive structure that reacts  to passenger movements. Though designed to tell time as a world clock, it’s also  meant to “reveal time” as part of the travel experience.

The newly renovated terminal will also offer passengers substantially more  dining and retail options than its previous incarnation.

With 31 dining outlets — three times more than before — the new terminal will  provide a mix of local and global flavors including gourmet sandwich creations  by LA celebrity Michael Voltaggio and James Beard Award winner Suzanne Goin.

And in a nod to one of the most famous shopping strips in the US, Rodeo  Drive, the new terminal is also billed as a premier retail destination, with 36  outlets including local LA brands like Fred Segal and Kitson.

KLM Plans Airline Game

klm games

Along with phone bills, traffic and the weather, airlines likewise rank high  on the ‘favorite things to complain about’ list.

Now Dutch carrier  KLM is handing over the reins to consumers who think they can do a better  job of managing an airline in a new 3D video game for mobile devices. After a beta test earlier this year, KLM will launch  tomorrow Aviation Empire, a simulation game in which the mission is to run a  successful and profitable airline.

Players can add strategic destinations, build a fleet, invest in airplanes  and upgrade airports according to the technologies available at the time.

The game starts in 1919 — the year KLM was founded –  challenging  players to grow the business as pioneering entrepreneurs and see it through  periodically turbulent times in aviation history.

Players can sign up to be  among the first to receive a notice when the game — which is available  on both iOS and Android — goes live.

The KLM game is based on the same principle  as airlinesimulation.com for PC, which likewise allows players to run  their own airline.

Likewise, in 2011 the Marriott hotel chain launched a Facebook game which  allows fans to run their own virtual hotel in a bid to attract new staff for its  properties.

Cheese Kunafa

cheese kunafa

Serves 1
Prep time: 3 hours Cooking time: 30 mins


  • 60g akawi cheese, cut into large pieces 100g kunafa dough pastry 30g clarified butter (ghee), melted 1 tsp rose water 50ml sugar syrup


1. Place cheese in a water bath for around 3 hours to reduce the salt content. Remove cheese from water and crumble/chop it to a very fine consistency.
2. Place kunafa dough pastry in a large bowl and pull apart to separate the strands as much as possible. Pour melted ghee over and work it in thoroughly. In another bowl, mix together cheese and rose water.
3. Place cheese in an even layer in a deep oven tray. Cover it with dough and flatten it out gently with the palm of your hand. Bake kunafa for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 200°C until the dough turns golden in colour.
4. Remove from oven and immediately pour cold sugar syrup over the hot kunafa. Let it cool to room temperature, then invert on to a plate and serve.

President Obama On Africa Tour


US President Barack Obama flew from Senegal to South Africa to pay homage to his hero Nelson Mandela, after a visit largely overshadowed by the fading health of the anti-Apartheid icon.

Obama spent three days in Dakar talking up African democracy and paying a poignant visit to Goree Island, a potent symbol of the slave trade, on the first leg of a three-nation tour of the continent which will also take in Tanzania.

President Obama's trip to Africa

President Obama’s trip to Africa

Classic: 1958 Plymouth Fury

1958 plymouth fury

John Carpenter has directed countless horror movies over the years that have gone on to attain cult status. Halloween and The Fog may spring to everyone’s minds, but they don’t come better than Christine. This Stephen King novel, adapted for the screen in 1983, is such a chilling ride, it puts goosebumps on top of your goosebumps.

The story revolves around pathetic teenager Arnie Cunningham, who is bullied at high school by a nasty gang. But upon stumbling across a dilapidated 1958 Plymouth Furycalled Christine, he sets about restoring the car and in the process, not only rebuilds his character but seeks revenge on those who tormented him.

Since this film is almost 30 years old, you’ve surely seen it and already know Christine is possessed by an evil spirit and likes nothing more than to prowl the streets at night and knock-off all of Arnie’s mean school bullies in lots of imaginative ways. Arnie even warns them. “You better watch what you say about my car. She’s real sensitive…” They don’t listen and what results is one of Carpenter’s best works. He’d have had a mighty problem on his hands in trying to depict the majestic cherry red Fury, a sub-series of the Belvedere, as the epitome of evil because it was such a pretty car. Those Plymouths were the top-of-the-line models back in the day.

Introduced in 1956 with a 303 cubic inch (5.0-litre) V8, the two-door hard-top coupé featured massive tail fins, a logo which more than resembled that of Cadillac — the brand it was gunning after — and styling typical of the Fifties such as white walls and miles of chrome.

The following year, it gained a 318 CI (5.2-litre) V8 and boasted the ‘forward look’ while benefiting from a torsion-bar front suspension and the Torque Flite automatic gearbox. Then, in 1958 came the 350 CI (5.7-litre) Golden Commando V8 with over 300bhp. It was considered to be the best engine ever built by Plymouth. Each and every one of the 5,303 Fury’s produced that year left the production line painted a rich, deep shade of beige (the 1956 model was only available in white, the 1957 just in light beige while Christine was born bathed in blood-red paint) with gold anodised aluminium side trim and grille. It was a delightful combination which went a long way in making it the car of the moment. Its eight-barrel carburation system, dual exhausts, revised heavy-duty Torsion-Aire suspension and the 150mph speedo helped make it the king of the road. It was appreciated by all, none more so than rivals General Motors. Legend has it that after seeing the 1958 Fury, Harley Earl threw a brochure of the striking car at his design team and shouted, “why don’t you all just quit!”

The Fury could be both a tyre burning hot-rod one minute and a luxurious coupé the next. Twenty one examples were used during the making of the movie and sadly, most were wrecked. But, if you find yourself a clean one today, you’d have to pay in excess of $50,000 for it.

HK$1 Million Suit Sold In Hong Kong

arshad mahmood

British Pakistani Master Tailor Arshad Mahmood has produced a suit that he  claims to be one of the world’s most expensive tailor-made suits priced at  $129,000. Arshad Mahmood, who has offices  in London and Hong Kong, originates from Mirpur in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and  learnt the art of tailoring originally in the city of Karachi in early 80s.

With 22-carat gold stitching, a gold waistcoat and diamond-encrusted gold  buttons, the one-off was sold in Hong Kong on May 29 for HK$1 million  (US$129,000).

According to the South China Morning Post, It took Apsley  Tailors 200 hours to make the suit from the finest wool, with gold woven into  the fabric.

The world’s most expensive suit is believed to have been  made by Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels of Manchester, England.

The R. Jewels Diamond Edition is made from a blend of cashmere wool and silk,  contains more than 480 diamonds and costs $890,000.

Apsley’s suit beats what was the world’s second-most expensive suit, designer  Alexander Amosu’s $103,000 creation with 9 diamond buttons  set in 18-carat gold.

The ‘Cake Train’

train cake

A specialist team of bakers and food artists created an edible train carriage at the famous station in London.

The carriage pulled in beside platforms six and seven after a team of 15 specialist bakers and food artists were tasked with creating the edible delight.

The cake celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Heathrow Express – which runs between London and Heathrow airport – and measures 1.5 by four by two metres.

It is made of 15 ingredients, including around 80 large sheets of delicious Madeira sponge, which laid end to end would be longer than the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool.

World’s Largest LED TV Goes On Sale In Europe

sharp tv

Sharp says the Aquos LC-90LE757 is over six foot wide and beats the previous record held by an 84inch display from rival LG.

The 1080p LED set features 3D but falls short of 4K – more than four times the resolution of high-definition – meaning you need to sit around 12ft away to feel the benefit.

Japanese manufacturer Sharp has been selling the 90-inch model in the US since 2012 but says demand for jumbo TV’s in Europe is now catching up.

Sharp 90-inch TV
Sharp’s 90-inch TV has gone on sale in Europe

The company plans to go bigger yet and predicts homes will feature entire walls made out of screens in the future.