Queen’s Coronation 60 Years Ago Today

queen coronation

Shortly after 12.30 on a wet afternoon on  June 2, 1953, the Archbishop of Canterbury raised St Edward’s Crown high above  the head of the young Queen Elizabeth II, seated in King Edward’s  Chair.

The great Abbey went silent.

The Archbishop held the crown aloft for a  moment and then lowered it on to the Queen’s head, placing it first on her  forehead and then pressing it down at the back.

It was the moment everyone had been waiting  for.

And for the first time in history, it was  shared with most of Great Britain through the medium of television, figures seen  on tiny screens in flickering black and white by groups gathered round  television sets in their front rooms.

Later it was seen right across the globe,  after canisters of film were rushed to aeroplanes and flown to the USA, Canada  and far corners of the Commonwealth.

There is no doubt that the Coronation, which  took place 60 years ago today, was a milestone in the history of  television.


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