Game On In Console Wars As PlayStation 4 Is Unveiled

playstation 4

Gamers’ palms will be getting sweatier than usual today when Sony and Microsoft release more details about their next generation consoles.

They will be given their first glimpse of the PlayStation 4 when it is finally unveiled by the Japanese electronics giant at the E3 show in Los Angeles.

Sony revealed some details about the console earlier this year but has yet to offer gamers a complete view of its first major games machine since the PlayStation 3 in 2006.

New features focus on social networking and remote access.

Game on in console wars as PS4 is unveiled
More details are expected to be unveiled for Xbox One

The device is also equipped with a camera that tracks the user’s movements and a button allowing users to broadcast video of play to friends. Sony’s announcement is expected to come hours after rival Microsoft reveals more details about its Xbox One.

Industry observers expect big things from the US company after it touted following the successor to the Xbox 360 as an ‘all-in-one system’ for games, TV, films and music.

Meanwhile, Apple – which has faced questions over its tax arrangements – is expected to introduce its iOS 7 operating system for iPhone and iPad at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

It promises an ‘in-depth look at what’s next in iOS and OS X’ and to tell delegates ‘how to take apps to the next level’.


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