Parents Fear For Young Drivers’ Safety

young drivers

New research reveals parents don’t think learner driver rules go far enough.

Parents of newly qualified drivers believe the driving test is not properly preparing their children to get behind the wheel.A study by car insurance company Direct Line revealed that 58% of parents fear their children are not equipped with the skills needed to drive safely on motorways, despite having passed their test.On top of those who worry about their sons and daughters driving on motorways, 24% also fret over journeys on dual carriageways.

It’s not just national speed limit roads parents worry about their offspring driving on – the data also showed that 36% had concerns over their kids negotiating congested cities, while 39% weren’t entirely happy about them on the roads in the dark.

The research surveyed 1,000 parents of children aged between 16 and 26 who have a driving licence or are expecting to learn to drive soon.

The results suggest that support for Government proposals to improve road safety amongst young drivers would receive widespread support amongst parents.

A massive 80% feel that learner drivers should have lessons on motorways before being allowed to sit their test. Alongside this, 84% of parents believe night time driving lessons should be compulsory.

The study re-raises concerns over new rules for young drivers – 50% of parents believe their children are distracted by friends, while just over one third (37%) feel their kids would be unprepared for driving with mates on board, prompting renewed interest in the restrictions on carrying passengers for newly qualified motorists.

Further to this, 64% want a minimum learning period.

There’s one statistic that proves parents are worriers when it comes to coping with their children learning to drive, though – a massive 93% admitted to feeling anxious over their son or daughter’s safety on the road at some point since they passed their test.


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