KLM Plans Airline Game

klm games

Along with phone bills, traffic and the weather, airlines likewise rank high  on the ‘favorite things to complain about’ list.

Now Dutch carrier  KLM is handing over the reins to consumers who think they can do a better  job of managing an airline in a new 3D video game for mobile devices. After a beta test earlier this year, KLM will launch  tomorrow Aviation Empire, a simulation game in which the mission is to run a  successful and profitable airline.

Players can add strategic destinations, build a fleet, invest in airplanes  and upgrade airports according to the technologies available at the time.

The game starts in 1919 — the year KLM was founded –  challenging  players to grow the business as pioneering entrepreneurs and see it through  periodically turbulent times in aviation history.

Players can sign up to be  among the first to receive a notice when the game — which is available  on both iOS and Android — goes live.

The KLM game is based on the same principle  as airlinesimulation.com for PC, which likewise allows players to run  their own airline.

Likewise, in 2011 the Marriott hotel chain launched a Facebook game which  allows fans to run their own virtual hotel in a bid to attract new staff for its  properties.


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