PayPal Galactic Launch


Many people dream of visiting space but the lack of options for retail therapy might bring them back down to earth.

Buying shoes while floating in a tin can is a nightmare, with no set address for delivery and no way to pay for those must-have Manolo Blahniks.

However, PayPal says it has great news for astronomic shopaholics, as it is launching an initiative to explore how commerce will work in space.

PayPal is boldly going where no online payment system has been before (Picture: AP)

The new venture, called PayPal Galactic, will tackle questions such as how commerce will be regulated and what currency will be used.

David Marcus, president of the eBay-owned online payment system, said that, while space tourism was once the mainstay of science fiction, it was rapidly becoming a serious priority.

‘We don’t have that much time,’ Mr Marcus added. ‘We feel that it’s important for us to start the conversation.

‘One thing is clear, though, we won’t be using cash in space.’


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