Iberia Launches Print-at-home Bag Tagging Service


Passengers flying with Spanish carrier Iberia will now be able to download  and print their own luggage tags at home before catching their flight, a new  measure designed to shave time during the check-in process and improve overall  punctuality. Billed as a world  first, Iberia has launched MyBagTag on domestic flights with  plans to extend the service to European and international destinations  throughout the year.

After printing the bag tag, the paper is meant to be folded into quarters and  inserted into plastic envelopes which can be picked up at any  Spanish  airport. Bags can then be taken to the baggage drop-off counters.

The new move follows on the heels of British Airways which launched  an electronic bag tag this month, likewise in an effort to shave off precious  time for flyers and speed up the check-in process.

Passengers flying with the flagship British carrier will no longer be issued  paper bag tags but instead hold their smartphone over the electronic tag which  will automatically provide a unique barcode containing flight details and an  “easy-to-see” view of their bag’s destination.



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