Service Station Prices ‘A Rip-off’


Labour MP Ann Clwyd said the cost of motorway service stations was unfair to families heading off for their summer holidays.

Families cannot afford to eat at rip-off motorway service stations which should be better regulated, an MP has said.

Labour’s Ann Clwyd, of Cynon Valley, said the enormous cost of refreshments and petrol at motorway service stations was “most unfair” to families.

Commons Leader Andrew Lansley said he would put Ms Clwyd’s concerns to the Department for Transport and said it was important for the Office of Fair Trading to look at monopoly supply in the private sector.

Ms Clwyd told the Commons: “Thousands of people will be heading off for their holidays very shortly including I hope everybody in this chamber and they will be using the motorways.

“I wonder if we could have a statement about the regulation of motorway service stations because all of us who have used the motorways regularly know if you get refreshments on the motorway now it’s an enormous rip-off.

“And if you buy petrol on the motorway it’s an enormous rip-off.

“Somebody should be regulating them and it’s most unfair to people with families because they simply cannot afford to eat.”

Mr Lansley replied: “I can feel a John Major moment coming on here from my point of view if you recall that.

“I will if I may raise the issue that you have quite properly raised with my colleagues at the Department for Transport, they might have a better answer than I do.

“I think we always need to look at where in the public services and the private sector there is any degree of monopoly supply. It’s very important for these issues from time-to-time to be looked at by the Office of Fair Trading.”


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