2014 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Revealed


A work of mechanical art, the latest AMG-infused Mercedes S Class sets new performance figures for the luxury  car sector. The S 63 AMG car, which starts  off life as a Mercedes Benz S Class, before being handed over to the crack team  of engineers that make up AMG, will make its official debut at September’s  Frankfurt Motor Show where it will no doubt draw a huge crowd.

From a purely technical point of view, it’s easy to admire the work that AMG  carries out and its approach to reinvigorating stock Mercedes Benz cars.

And, as always, the handcrafted V8 engine, bedecked with twin turbochargers,  that sits snugly under the hood of the S 63 AMG is a work of art.

In fact, the engine’s use of lightweight aluminum alloys, its eight cylinders  and 32 valves, plus its 585hp make it more suitable for inclusion in an  exhibition than in a luxury Merc.

Which raises the question of who exactly a luxury sedan capable of  accelerating from 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds and one with a stiffened sports  suspension set-up is aimed at. Perhaps a chauffeur who moonlights as a racecar  driver at weekends but who is in a financial position where he can only afford  to run one vehicle?

The car is a technical masterpiece, the engineers somehow managing to make  the vehicle 100kg lighter than a stock Mercedes S Class without cutting back on  luxury.

It is also faster yet more fuel-efficient than the last AMG iteration of an S  Class and features a number of high-tech features including Magic Body Control —  a stereo camera which scans the road ahead to identify road-surface undulations  and adjust the car’s suspension settings in advance to retain ride quality.

The S 63 AMG will be available in short and long-wheelbase versions and  pricing will be confirmed in September, following its Frankfurt unveiling.


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