Eid-el-Fitr Holiday Announced In UAE

The UAE Ministry of Labor has declared that Eid Al Fitr holiday for all private sector employees will begin on the first and second days of Shawal and will resume work on the third of Shawwal.

Shawwal will begin on either August 8 or 9.

On Tuesday, the Federal Authority of Human Resources annouced that government offices in the UAE will be closed from Wednesday, August 7, corresponding to Ramadhan 29 and will reopen on the fourth day of the month of Shawal in celebration of Eid Al Fitr.

Shawal 4 falls on Sunday, August 11, if Eid begins on Thursday, August 8.

Government employees will resume work on Monday, August 12, if the start of the new lunar month of Shawal is not confirmed by Ramadhan 29 and subsequently Ramadhan completes 30 days.