Mercedes Benz Granturismo Luxury Yacht

mercedes benz yacht

The design of the Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo, a motor-powered  mini-yacht created by the Mercedes-Benz design team, will be on display at the  Monaco Yacht Show September 25-28. Silver  Arrows Marine called upon the design expertise of the German car manufacturer to  come up with the concept for this 14-meter luxury yacht.

Mercedes-Benz Yacht Concept

To create the futuristic and sophisticated look of a seafaring sports car,  the Mercedes-Benz team applied techniques from the automobile industry. Sea  trials of prototypes were conducted to confirm the maneuverability and handling  of the design.

Sea trials

It took the designers 12 months to finalize and perfect every detail, and the  result is an innovative and elegant concept that brings to mind the brand’s GT  roadsters.

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo yacht interior

The design — which Silver Arrows Marine president Ron Gibbs sees as the  blueprint for “an absolute world-class motor yacht” — includes a spacious cabin  that opens onto the exterior, as well as a pool with a terrace giving direct  access to the water.

The curves on the hull and the materials used inside and out are more  reminiscent of a luxury car than of a yacht.

Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo mini yacht

Ahead of the production phase, full details on the Silver Arrows Marine  Granturismo will be presented in late September at the next edition of the  Monaco Yacht Show.

Previous Mercedes-Benz Style projects include a cabin fitout for a special  run of Eurocopter EC145 helicopters, and designer furniture pieces.

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Yacht Concept


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