Emirates Launches Luxury Private Jet Service


Dubai-based carrier Emirates has launched a luxury private jet service that could be described as  flying hotel. The specs are impressive and  nothing less than what would be expected of a service created to cater to the  world’s obscenely wealthy.

Emirates Executive Private Suites

The reconfigured Airbus A319 includes, for instance, 10 private suites that  slide fully shut, fully lie-flat beds and 32-inch flat screen TVs.

A large shower and spa features heated floors, marble accents, all-natural  skincare products and luxury toiletries from Bulgari.

Emirates Executive shower spa

The main salon can be configured to guests’ needs, be it as a business center  for videoconferencing and high-powered meetings, or as a comfortable living  space courtesy of the mechanically-activated table, two 42-inch LCD screens, and  2 sofas.

Emirates Executive lounge area

Other amenities include 1,500 channels of on-demand entertainment, high-speed  internet and mobile phone connectivity, and an in-flight menu that offers guests  a fine dining experience at up to 35,000 feet in the air.

Emirates Executive dining area

The luxury jet can accommodate up to 19 guests. The private charter service flies to most locations worldwide, and extends beyond the  carrier’s network.

The launch of a private jet service comes in response to increasing demand  from markets in the Middle East, Europe, India, Russia and China, says the  carrier.

Airbus A319 aircraft


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