Woman Miraculously Survives After Her Car Is Flattened By Giant Container


Rescuers were astonished to pull the driver of this car alive from the wreckage.

She lay trapped for half an hour in the flattened Nissan, with firefighters fearing the worst.

Once the giant container, which had slipped off a lorry, was moved, they pulled her unscathed from the wreck in Zhangjiagang, China.

Woman miraculously survives after her car is flattened by giant container
Firefighters free the women

The woman had been driving in the lane next to the lorry when the weight of the container suddenly caused the vehicle to tip to one side, resulting in the orange container sliding off and onto the car.

Due to its immense weight it completely flattened the top of the driver’s car.

Miraculously she survived and suffered no serious injuries after slipping into the footwell.


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