Glasgow 2014: Queen Launches Commonwealth Games Baton Relay

commonwealth games

The Queen inserted her message into the baton during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, 9 October 2013.

The Queen’s Baton Relay – heralding the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – has been launched at Buckingham Palace.

The baton contains the Queen’s hand-written message to the Commonwealth and will visit all 70 competing nations and territories over the next 288 days.

It will travel to Scotland on Thursday before heading to India for its first international stopover on 11 October.

The baton’s journey will end at the opening ceremony on 23 July 2014, when the Queen will read the message inside.

The empty baton was escorted to Buckingham Palace by pipers and cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, a six-time Olympic Gold and double Commonwealth Gold medallist.

The Queen’s Baton Relay has been the Commonwealth Games’ curtain raiser since 1958. The baton will visit all 70 Commonwealth nations and territories ahead of the opening ceremony in Glasgow on 23 July 2014.

It will leave Buckingham Palace on 9 October 2013, then go on to Glasgow, before landing in India on 11 October.

The baton will then make its journey from Delhi – which was the host of the 2010 Games – along a route detailed below.

Queen's Baton Relay map

The relay will culminate in a 40-day tour of Scotland in the summer of 2014.

1. Asia Date 2. Oceania Date 3. Africa Date
India 11 Oct 2013 Australia 31 Oct Sierra Leone 01 Jan 2014
Bangladesh 14 Oct Papua New Guinea 04 Nov Ghana 03 Jan
Pakistan 16 Oct Solomon Islands 08 Nov Nigeria 05 Jan
Sri Lanka 19 Oct Nauru 13 Nov Cameroon 08 Jan
Maldives 21 Oct Tuvalu 19 Nov Kenya 11 Jan
Singapore 23 Oct Samoa 23 Nov Uganda 14 Jan
Malaysia 26 Oct New Zealand 27 Nov Rwanda 15 Jan
Brunei Darussalam 28 Oct Kiribati 02 Dec United Republic of Tanzania 18 Jan
Cook Islands 05 Dec Seychelles 21 Jan
Tonga 09 Dec Malawi 24 Jan
Niue 13 Dec Zambia 26 Jan
Norfolk Island 22 Dec Namibia 28 Jan
Vanuatu 25 Dec Botswana 30 Jan
Mauritius 01 Feb
Mozambique 04 Feb
Swaziland 06 Feb
Lesotho 08 Feb
South Africa 10 Feb
St Helena 19 Feb
4. Latin America & the Caribbean Date 5. North America Date 6. Europe Date
Falkland Islands 27 Feb Canada 27 Apr Cyprus 04 May
Guyana 02 Mar Malta 07 May
Barbados 05 Mar Gibraltar 09 May
Grenada 08 Mar Jersey 11 May
Trinidad & Tobago 11 Mar Guernsey 13 May
St Vincent & The Grenadines 14 Mar Isle of Man 16 May
St Lucia 16 Mar Northern Ireland 20 May
Dominica 19 Mar Wales 24 May
Antigua & Barbuda 21 Mar England 31 May
Montserrat 25 Mar Scotland 14 June
St Kitts & Nevis 27 Mar
Anguilla 30 Mar
British Virgin Islands 02 Apr
Jamaica 05 Apr
Cayman Islands 11 Apr
Turks & Caicos 15 Apr
The Bahamas 18 Apr
Belize 21 Apr
Bermuda 25 Apr

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