Families Face A Rise In The Cost Of Holidays To Popular Destinations This Half-term Period


Families face a rise in the cost of holidays to popular destinations this half-term period.

The average half-term trip has increased in price by 3.7% since this time last year, according to figures from M&S Bank.

An Egyptian trip has gone up by more than 6%, while France is up more than 5% and Spain holidays have increased 4.9%.

Only two of the most popular destinations – Greece (up 1.69%) and Cyprus (up 1.66%) have seen rises lower than the current UK inflation rate of 2.7%.

The figures are based on the cost of a one-week trip for one person to 10 of the most popular destinations and include accommodation, dinner, £140 spending money and one activity.

On this basis, the least-expensive trip is to Portugal where costs since last year have risen 3.08% to £576 or £2,303 for a family of four. The most costly of the destinations surveyed is Mauritius – up 3.3% to £1,743 per person, or £6,972 for a family of four.

Fraser Millar, head of travel money at M&S Bank, said: “Rising inflation means that families will have to spend a little extra to book a getaway this half-term.

“Despite the euro strengthening against the pound over the past year, European destinations continue to prove relatively good value for money, and shorter flight times ensure the family has a little longer to enjoy the sun.”


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