New 2014 Mercedes C-Class Interior Revealed

mercedes 2014

Ahead of its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2014, Mercedes-Benz has revealed details of the all-new C-Class interior. And if the photos and specification are anything to go by, the gap between the S-Class and the C-Class is about to get narrower.

As is becoming increasingly common in the automotive world, strong influence has been drawn from smartphones and tablets, with Mercedes-Benz also leaning heavily on airline and aircraft references. The German firm even goes as far as claiming the new interior is like taking a step up from economy to business class.

The new C-Class is dominated inside by a completely new centre console, which itself features a brand-new free-standing central display and three “bullseye” air vents.

This 7-inch tablet-style display can be controlled via a smartphone-inspired touchpad device. It can also be upgraded to an 8.4-inch unit.

In addition, the new C-Class will feature a “jet fighter” style head-up display, which appears to float over the bonnet, about two metres away from the driver. Information relayed will include speed, speed limits and satellite navigation directions.

Other improvements of note include a heavily revised climate control system. This features GPS technology to automatically detect when the car enters a tunnel, so it can then close the recirculation flap, keeping harmful fumes from entering the cabin. Once the C-Class leaves the tunnel, the flap will reopen.

But it doesn’t stop there. The new C-Class will also feature “Air-Balance”, a system which recently premiered in the new S-Class. Four different fragrances are available, including Freeside, Nightime, Downtown and Sports.

On top of which, the climate control system features ionisation, which generates oxygen ions to eliminate bacteria, viruses and spores. Nice.

The final improvement of note is the front passenger seat, which will feature sensors to automatically detect when a child seat has been fitted. When this is the case, the passenger airbag is automatically switched off.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class will make its world debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2014, before going on sale in the summer next year. Prices are yet to be announced.

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