Lamborghini Smartphone Launches For £2,500

lamborghini phone

Now those bearing fat wallets can also produce the blingest of phones to remind people how rich they are.

The £2,500 Tonino Lamborghini Antares smartphone may not quite have the spec of a top range sports car – but boasts some seriously flashy body work.

It has all the stylish curves and angles of the car which carries the same name – although this is made by Tonino Lamborghini the lifestyle company, not Automobili Lamborghini.

Tonino CEO Gianluca Filippi said: ‘Antares is designed to match instantly recognisable Italian flair with great performance and stunning materials.’

Russia and China will be able to snap up the Android phone first, when it arrives in December.

It will then arrive in Italy, and only come to the Britain and US next spring.

The Antares comes after BlackBerry launched a Z10 smartphone recrafted by Porsche and Vertu started selling a TI Ferrari phone.


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