Jamaican Bobsleigh Team Successfully Raised The Money To Pay For Their Trip To The Sochi Winter Olympics In Russia Next Month


The Jamaican bobsleigh team have successfully raised the money to pay for their trip to the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia next month.

In a campaign inspired by the cult film Cool Runnings, team members Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon saw £67,000 donated to their bid for Olympic glory.

Officials have said enough cash has now been collected to ensure the bobsledders will be able to compete in Sochi, following their qualification for the Games on Monday.

Large donations from crowdfunding platforms and via the online currency dogecoin saw the team easily reach its £50,000 target.

Confirming the news in a statement on its website, the Jamaican Bobsleigh Federation said: “On behalf of the team, the Federation is pleased to report that it has reached its fundraising goal for short term needs in their plea to the public.”

It added that anyone still wanting to donate should do so through the team’s website and not through crowd-funding sites.

The team, which first qualified for the Winter Olympics in Calgary in 1988, will travel to Russia on February 3 in preparation for the competition which runs from February 19-20.

After qualifying for Sochi, 46-year-old Watts, who came out of retirement specially for the Games, said: “It means the world to me. I had a strong feeling we would get in but you never know”.


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