Facebook Reveals Paper, Its First News Reader App

facebook paper

Facebook has revealed its first news reader app, simply called Paper, and it’s coming to the iPhone.

In time for its 10th birthday, Facebook has revealed a news reader app, called Paper. It will be available for iPhone in the US from February 3rd. It will feature a Flipboard-style layout, and could potentially serve as a replacement to the regular Facebook app.

Its suitability as a replacement comes down to the fact that it is made up of stories and themed sections, allowing users to interact with posts from their news feed. Users can also customise Paper with more than a dozen other sections about different themes and topics that interest them.

As well as reading stories, users can also write and share their own. They will be able to see a live preview of their story before they share it too.

Paper will also feature a ‘distraction-free layout’, not that dissimilar from Safari’s Reader Mode, which will allow users to browse stories with ‘simple, natural movements’. Encroporating motion control features, users can tilt their phones to get a better look at high-resolution panoramic photos, as well as see details in images up close.

Paper is the first product from Facebook Creative Labs, where it claims to be “crafting new apps to support the diverse ways people want to connect and share.”


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