HTC’s ‘All New One’ Launch Confirmed For March 25


Invites are out for HTC’s next big launch, where the sequel to the HTC One smartphone should be unveiled

Two big bits of HTC news, one welcome and one a little eyebrow-raising. Firstly, the next big HTC launch is confirmed for March 25 after the official invite landed in our inbox. Secondly, the new flagship phone that will be launched, previously known as the HTC M8 and the HTC One 2, will apparently be officially called ‘The All New One’, and come in gray, silver and gold.

HTC’s launch will take place simultaneously in New York and London at 4pm GMT, although London’s launch is likely to be a live stream of events in New York. We’re hoping to see the sequel to last year’s brilliant HTC One mobile, leaked previously as the HTC M8. The latest tweet from our great mate evleaks suggests that the name will be The All New One, a name that instantly recalls Apple’s befuddling naming strategy for its iPads – iPad, iPad 2, New iPad, then back to iPad.

Of course, coming up with a smart name was always going to be tricky for HTC. What would you have gone with? The HTC One Two? HTC One Step Beyond? HTC One More Time? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll bring you live coverage and hands-on impressions from the HTC launch on March 25 at 4pm.


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