Apple iPhone 6: Everything We Know So Far


The full skinny on Apple’s iPhone 6: news, rumours, leaks and any other randomness we find.

It’s no great shock that Apple’s iPhone 6 is one of the most-searched mobiles on t’interwebs, despite the predicted launch being months away. Everyone’s eager to see what Apple comes up with next, after the slick fingerprint scanner and slow-mo video mode of the iPhone 5s, not to mention its candy-coloured iPhone 5c, a real departure for the Californian company.

Here’s every bit of news on the Apple iPhone 6, including the latest leaks and rumours, which we’ll keep updated until the official launch.

Key iPhone 6 points:

Apple iPhone 6 is expected to launch in September 2014

It will come packing iOS 8

Apple has created several prototype iPhone 6 models, including a near-5-inch model with a ‘Retina+ IGZO’ screen, boasting 1080p visuals, and a model with no home button.

The full iPhone 6 skinny:

Photos of two possible new iPhones leaked on the internet in February, one a 4.7-inch model and one a 5.5-incher that looks more like an iPad than an iPhone. There’s been a lot of discussion about whether the images are fake, or maybe prototypes that will never see the inside of a store, but it bolsters rumours that Apple is creating several very different models at the research stage to see what works.

It’s likely that Apple will go big for the iPhone 6, after testing the waters with the 4-inch iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Considering ‘Mini’ and ‘Compact’ versions of smartphones are now hovering dagerously close to 5-inches (we’re looking at you, LG G2 Mini), we’d be surprised if Apple decided to keep its flagship phone so small.

It’s basically a given that the iPhone 6 will sport iOS 8, but the new features are the most interesting factor. We’ve heard rumours of iris scanners, something Alcatel launched at MWC 2014 in a tablet, although the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner was a great tool that worked really well. There’s also been the usual talk of bendy screens and other hyped tech.

Don’t forget integration with the iWatch as well, a gadget that Apple still hasn’t launched, but should emerge in 2014. If rumours are right, the iWatch could even save your life.


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