Tanzanian Diaspora In USA

Waheshimiwa Wanadiaspora,
Viongozi wa Jumuiya za Watanzania za Marekani wakishirikiana, ZADIA na DICOTA, wanapenda kuwatangazia kuwa kutakuwa na teleconference siku ya Alhamisi tarehe 20 Machi kuanzia saa mbili usiku(8:00PM) kwa saa za Eastern Time.

Lengo ni kuwapa muhtasari wa masuala yanayoendelea kule Dodoma kwenye Bunge Maalum la Katiba na kuwafahamisha mpaka sasa tumefikia wapi katika kuhakikisha suala la uraia pacha linaingizwa kwenye katiba mpya ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania.

Watanzania na Watu wenye asili ya Kitanzania wanaoishi Marekani wote mnaombwa kuudhuria.

Ili uweze kushiriki kwenye Teleconference hii piga namba 712-432-1500 halafu ingiza pin namba ikifuatiwa na alama ya reli kama ifuatavyo: 465228#.
Wote mnakaribishwa.
Imetolewa na:
Viongozi wa Jumuiya za Watanzania waishio Marekani, ZADIA na DICOTA.
Tarehe 18 Machi 2014.

Pursuant to our call for the right of dual citizenship for all Tanzanians, the Tanzanian Communities in the United States of America and the Diaspora Council of Tanzanians in America (DICOTA) have agreed to file a petition for this cause to the Constitutional Review Parliament that is now taking place in Dodoma, Tanzania through our Representative Honorable Kadari Singo, who is also a member of the our Diaspora Community and who resides in California. With the highest honor, we invite you to support this petition.

Honorable Kadari Singo is now attending the Constitutional Review Parliament in Dodoma. After consultation with other members of the Parliament and in seeking their support, and after thorough deliberations on how to bring the issue of dual citizenship to the attention of all members of the above-mentioned Parliament, it was decided that a workshop, training or conference should be arranged to lobby to the members of the Parliament and inform them of the necessity and urgency of their supportive votes when the motion of dual citizenship will be tabled.

For that conference, we will need experts on this issue from other parts of Tanzania and abroad (including International Office for Migration – IOM) to attend at a very short notice. We will also need an excellent venue and some refreshments. Moreover, the experts on this issue will need to be paid. Hence, we are looking for at least $25,000 dollars to cover expenses for this event. The plan is to run a workshop/seminar for 3 days targeting different groups of MPs for each day.

We are certain that if the members of the parliament are made to understand our motion, it will be easier for them to vote for dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is an important right that has been denied to Tanzanians since 1964. Thus, we hope that the workshop or conference will provide the members of the Parliament with an opportunity to understand the overall benefits of dual citizenship and why their votes for this cause are imperative. Moreover, we invite you to think about your interests, family and opportunities offered by dual citizenship.

For these reasons, we ask you to support this cause by giving any donations .

The funds obtained will be used to arrange the above-mentioned workshop or conference in Dodoma, Tanzania. We need at least $ 25,000 so you may contribute any amount you can afford. If every Tanzanian in the United States contributes at least $50, we will reach or surpass the amount of $ 25,000.

We are grateful that you are supporting dual citizenship for Tanzanians outside their country and we hope through your support, we will be able to achieve this goal.
Tanzanian Communities in the United States and the Diaspora Council of Tanzanians in America (DICOTA).


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