Biggest Ferris Wheel In The World Opens In Las Vegas


The world’s largest observation wheel has opened in Las Vegas, at 550 feet or 168 meters high.

The Las Vegas High Roller began boarding its first passengers this week for 30-minute spins that include a video and music presentation before fading out to let the sky-high views of the city speak for themselves.

Las Vegas High Roller cabin

The High Roller stands more than 100 feet (30 meters) taller than the London Eye and features 28 glass-enclosed cabins that can hold up to 40 people.

Despite boasting bragging rights to being the tallest Ferris wheel now, it may not be long before the High Roller has to cede the title to a host of ambitious upcoming projects.

Dubai Eye

Plans for the New York Wheel on Staten Island, scheduled to open in 2016, call for a 630-foot (192-meter) tall observation wheel equal to 60 storeys, while the Dubai Eye is projected to stand 690-feet-tall (210 meters).

The Las Vegas High Roller is open 365 days a year and is the centerpiece of a new outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment district, The LINQ, on the Strip. Tickets to the Las Vegas High Roller are priced at $25 USD.

Ferris wheel Las Vegas


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