Apple Unveils The $349 Apple Watch


Apple has introduced three collections of the new Apple Watch just after revealing the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Watch, which starts at $349, will be available in early 2015. The watch requires iPhone models 5 and newer, Cook said.

Tim Cook explained that the watch is a customizable timepiece. Users can choose watch faces that include minute and second hands, digital time and more options for personalization.

For people who don’t wish to wear a large device, Apple developed a smaller watch, 38 mm in height compared with the 42 mm option, with matching smaller straps.

There are actually three products: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. The differences between them are only apparent in the different materials (including aluminum, 18K gold, and pink gold) and wrist strap choices, which vary between feminine, masculine and youthful.

The Apple Watch uses a touchscreen display that recognizes force, so you can tap to make a selection or press harder to open a different setting in your apps.

The Apple Watch also uses what Apple calls a digital crown (the knob on the side of the watch) to let you perform a variety of actions including zooming and scrolling.

“Because you wear it, we invented new, intimate ways to connect and communicate directly from your wrist, and it works seamlessly with iPhone,” Cook said. “And it’s also a comprehensive health and fitness device.”

In addition, the newly introduced payment system Apple Pay will work with the watch.


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