Gordon Brown Urges ‘No’ Voters: Stand Up And Be Counted


The former Prime Minister made a final, impassioned plea for Scots to vote No for the sake of their children and country’s future.

He was applauded wildly by the 600 supporters packed into a community hall in Maryhill, Glasgow, as he urged voters to “have confidence, stand up and be counted,” in an unscripted tour de force of a speech.

Mr Brown has emerged as the No campaign’s most effective performer over the past few weeks of the campaign, during which he has spoken at nearly 50 events.

Today, in a final outpouring of passion and anger, he thundered: “Hold your heads high, show dignity and pride, be confident.

“Let’s have confidence that our values are indeed the values of the majority of the people in Scotland.

“Have confidence, stand up and be counted tomorrow.

“Have confidence, say to our friends, for reasons of solidarity, sharing justice and pride in Scotland, the only answer for Scotland’s sake, for Scotland’s future is vote No.”

Seeking to embolden the so-called “shy Nos,” the silent majority of Scots he believes has been reluctant to speak out against the vociferous Yes campaign, he urged them to reclaim their country from the SNP.

He said: “Tell people this is our Scotland. Tell them it does not belong to the SNP or the Yes campaign.

“It does not belong to any politician, to Mr Salmond, Mr Swinney, to me, it belongs to all of us.”

Repeatedly interrupted by cheers, he said: “The vote I will cast is not for me, it’s for my children, it is for all Scotland’s children, it is for Scotland’s future.”


Dismissing the Nationalist slogan “It’s out time,” he went on: “Are they not forgetting one thing?

“This is not a decision for this time, this is a decision for all time, a decision that could never be reversed or undone.”

Earlier, the rally heard from Alistair Darling, Johann Lamont, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie, who were introduced by comic Eddie Izzard and led into the hall by a piper dressed in a kilt and No Thanks teeshirt.

Grassroots campaigners also addressed the audience, who waved heart-shaped “Love Scotland, Vote No” posters.


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