US Holiday Shopping To Generate $616.9 Billion


Shoppers are expected to spend a whopping $616.9 billion over the holiday period this year, new projections show, with a huge chunk taking place over the days around Thanksgiving.

According to the “2014 Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide” by payment technology company Merchant Warehouse, spenders will be offered over 40,000 deals between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The company has created an infographic telling customers how to get the best deals ahead of the holiday on November 27.

According to the guide, $2.6 billion of the Thanksgiving takings will be spent in-store, while $766 million will be taken online and $192 million via mobile on the day itself. Black Friday shopping will see a huge $9.8 billion spent in-store, while Cyber Monday will see online sales of $1.735 billion.

Holiday shopping expenditures over the months of November and December are expected to reach a total of $616.9 billion.

Merchant Warehouse’s 2014 Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide can be seen at


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