Miliband Urges Voters In Scotland Not To “Gamble” On The SNP


Ed Miliband spoke at a rally in Glasgow on Friday, where he urged voters not to “gamble” on the SNP and insisted his opposition to doing a post-election deal with Nicola Sturgeon’s party is a matter of principle. He said Labour could not “do a deal with a party that wants to break up the UK when we want to build it up”. He also refused to accept Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that Labour’s failure to work with the SNP would result in Torries winning a second term as prime minister, and said the only thing the SNP wants is another independence referendum.

“If we set England against Scotland, if we set any part of our country against another, it does not help working people, it harms working people.

It undermines the ability to share resources. It drives down wages and conditions in the race to the bottom.

Nationalism doesn’t understand we are stronger, not weaker, when we look after each other across the whole of our country.

Nationalism never built a school. It never lifted people out of poverty. It never created a welfare state that healed the sick and protected our most vulnerable. Nationalism cannot create the jobs we need.”


 Ed Miliband reacts with the leader of the Scottish Labour Party Jim Murphy at an election rally in Glasgow.


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