turkish airline

Last Sunday, Nafi Diaby, 28 weeks pregnant, gave birth to girl with help of passengers and cabin crew shortly after takeoff from Guinea.

An unexpected passenger joined a Turkish Airlines flight when a woman went into labour and gave birth mid-flight.

Shortly after takeoff from Guinea’s capital, Conakry, crew onboard a Turkish Airlines flight came to the aid of Nafi Diaby, who was 28 weeks pregnant and had begun to have contractions.

Some passengers on the flight also stepped in to help the safe delivery of the girl at 42,000 feet (12,800 metres).

In a statement, Turkish Airlines said the cabin crew had spotted the pregnant woman in pain and promptly responded to assist her.

The mother and baby, named Kadiju, were taken to hospital when the Boeing 737 landed in the Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougou, in order to be kept under observation. Both are reported to be tired but in good health. The airline announced the happy news on Twitter.

Expectant mothers are able to travel with most airlines until they are 36 weeks pregnant, but it is recommended that GPs (General Practitioners) or midwives are consulted beforehand.

Some airlines, such as Ryanair, also require a letter from a medical professional if the woman is 28 or more weeks pregnant.


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